Maids, Mimosas and More Special Event

Time to get the perfect look for your special ladies, have fun and save $$$ too.  


During our Maids, Mimosas and More Event, our stylist will work with you to help your perfect vision come to life.  During this limited event in the month of November, you can qualify for your ladies to receive bonus savings on their dress.  


Here all you need to do to qualify in 5 easy steps:


Step One - Schedule a Bridesmaids appointment during October - Click HERE to book online. 


Step Two - During your appointment, work with your stylist to make the selections for the perfect look for your ladies


Step Three - Enjoy a complimentary glass of champagne or a mimosa


Step Four - Each maid attending the appointment will finalize their order 


Step Five - Your T & C team will coordinate your group from start to finish


BONUS SAVINGS - If you are a T & C Bride, each of your girls will receive a bonus savings totaling $50 per dress.  If you purchased your gown elsewhere, each of your girls will receive a bonus savings totaling $25 per dress.  


The Fine Print:  Limit of one appointment per maids group, all members of the bridesmaids group must get their gowns through T & C, minimum gown price before discount must be $230 and all must have a blast too!