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Feb 03, 2021

Finding the Perfect look for your Ladies 


Whether you're the bride or the bridesmaid, shopping for wedding party attire can be a bit overwhelming. Everyone has their own valid opinions and visions on what the bridesmaids should be wearing on the bride's big day. There are so many gorgeous bridesmaid dresses to choose from, so how does one even begin to narrow down the selection? One word: communication. Everyone needs to be on the same page ahead of time to make sure this process is still a blast for everyone. Let's see what questions brides need to ask their maids (and themselves) before selecting the picture-perfect down!


What is your price point?

It's common for bridesmaids to purchase their own dresses. Even though it's your wedding, if you're not going to pay for the dress, then you must be respectful of budgets. Privately ask your buddies what price range they would be comfortable paying for a bridesmaid dress AND alterations AND shoes. Once you've taken everyone's financial expectations into consideration, then you can start your search. Dresses range from $100-$400 depending on the store or resource.  You may find that shopping local at a bridal salon in your area really helps your vision come to life. Being able to see, touch, feel and try on all of the possible options ensures the most value for your ladies.  Often if you purchase your bridal gown at a store that also carries bridesmaids, you may be eligible for a discount for your girls.  Be sure to ask so that you get all the perks available.   


What styles/silhouettes are you NOT comfortable with?

Asking your bridesmaids what shape they feel comfortable wearing is a big question. Again, there are so many options, it's better to start by eliminating the immediate rejects. For example, busty girls and non-busty girls can't always wear the same silhouettes. The goal is to have all your girls feel confident and amazing.  Another thing to consider is the amount of skin a person is comfortable showing. Maybe plunging necklines, long slits in the skirt, or open backs are frightening to some of your bridesmaids. Just be mindful of the styles and silhouettes that are off limits so everyone can be stunning!  


But listen. It's YOUR day. If you have something in mind, start there! The details and silhouette of the dress for your ladies must compliment your gown - you are the star of the show.  Your gal pals have agreed to be your bridesmaid on your big day, so don't forfeit your ability to choose your vision. If you would prefer to just go shopping by yourself to ensure the right style, then do it! Sometimes you just have to take charge of the situation and help make the process go smoothly. This part is supposed to be fun and exciting, so soak in the moment and pull up that Pinterest board!


What color or colors fulfill your vision for your wedding party?


Well, isn't this the million dollar question? Truly, you should only be asking yourself this question because, if you haven't noticed, there are a lot of colors and fabrics out there! Lots of magazines and fashions blogs often talk about how certain colors and fabrics are only supposed to be used during specific seasons, but this does not have to be the case (especially with the amount of weddings being rescheduled). Trends change/differ literally every month and if a bride wants velvet gowns in the summer or blush pink in the winter - that's totally fine and a good stylist will be able to make it happen! Here are a few tips for choosing colors:


  • Most popular winter colors: burgundy, navy, forest green, jewel tones

  • Most popular spring colors: blush, dusty blue, champagne

  • Popular combos year round: blush & burgundy, navy & silver, metallics, monotone, neutrals, gradient colors

  • Most common fabrics: chiffon, satin, crepe, jersey, tulle, velvet

  • Have a general idea of what tux/suit color is to compliment the bridesmaid gowns along with which metal (silver/gold) they will be using for jewelry and venue accents

  • Pale girl secret: if a bride wants a lighter color, but her girls are pale, choose a satin or fabric with sheen/sparkle. Anything with dimension will act as a highlighter on the girls and will give more depth and glow rather than a matte fabric, which looks very flat on most skin tones.


When is your wedding - allow ample time for arrival and alterations?

Just like wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses need to be ordered and altered in advance. There is no such thing as getting a gown too early, but there is definitely such a thing of getting the dress too late. The generally agreed upon timeframe for ordering is about 8-10 months before the wedding. But once you find the gown and the color you want, get the process started.  Yes, it is possible for the designer to run out of the fabric in the exact color you want and then your entire vision could be turned upside down.  Keep in mind that bridesmaid dresses usually take about 3-4 months to come in after being ordered. And then you need to allow a few months for alterations.  And we love to have even a few extra months as a security blanket that your ladies will have their gowns with time to spare.   


You may also have a situation where some of your girls are family planning and may be pregnant, trying to get pregnant or post partum at your wedding.  Working a local bridal salon will allow you to discuss these situations one on one with your stylist so that you can come up with the best option to ensure that these ladies feel incredible.  


Have fun and enjoy the process  

Ultimately it is your day and your vision - which is likely one you've had since you were little. The bride should never have to feel stressed, overwhelmed, or frustrated when selecting the perfect look for your girls.  At Town and Country Bridal and Formalwear, we provide the stress fee - sit back and have a glass of wine - wedding party coordination that ensures a fun and relaxing experience.  Now let’s get started on finding the perfect look for those standing by your side.  



Photo by: Rachel Myers Photography