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Dec 28, 2020

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5 Reasons Finding Your Dream Dress Should Be First On Your Wedding Planning List


Finally, you’re engaged! You’re able to post adorable pictures of you and your fiancé (oh my gosh, fiancé!), and you get to show off that rock on your finger! But after that excitement wears off, you have to kick it into gear and start planning your wedding. There is so much to do and so little time, so where do you start? Well, that’s simple: you start with your dress. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why finding your dream dress should be at the top of your wedding planning list.


5. After you say Yes to the Dress, your designer needs time to make your gown


During your bridal appointment, we will have so many incredible sample gowns for you to try on for your Yes moment.  We work with the designer to get a brand new - made for you gown - on the way.  Wedding gowns are made by hand with loving care and the designs are intricate and very labor intensive.  For this reason, your gown will take from 4 - 9 months to arrive.  Basically, it is never too early to get your gown on the way.  

4. Alterations necessary for the perfect fit and look


Your wedding dress is THE most important garment that you will ever wear - and it needs to fit you to perfection.  In order for your dress to fit perfectly, you will need time to work with a seamstress for any necessary alterations.  Things like a hem, straps and a beautiful bustle for that dramatic train take a bridal seamstress many hours to perfect.  We recommend allowing a minimum of 2 months for the alterations process.   

3. Find the right bridal salon and stylist to help you find “the one”.

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Finding your gown is just like finding your soulmate.  Once you know - you know!!  It can literally be the very first dress that you try on - trust us - it happens all the time.  A bridal salon and your bridal stylist is your bridal BFF that will help you find the perfect gown that gives you all the feels.  We provide all the love, support and education that you need to find the dress that speaks to your heart.  We know that going to many different salons seems like the “thing to do”.  But don’t be surprised, when the first dress in the first store is YOUR dress.


2. Get started planning things around your dress.


Your wedding dress is the centerpiece of your entire day. The look, feel and vision of your dress will impact so many other decisions about your special day.  You may select the perfect venue, the florals and even the photographer all based on your gown and how you look and feel in it.  A wedding dress is such an emotional garment and brings out so many incredible feelings.  Those emotions should then be reflected in the rest of your wedding day.  So find the dress that makes you feel the way you want as you walk down the aisle to your forever love - and then everything else will fall into place.  


1. It makes your wedding day feel real!  It makes you feel like a BRIDE

Maybe you’ve gotten used to the ring on your finger and calling your partner your “fiancé”, but sometimes it’s hard to really believe you’re getting married until you put on a gown. For some, it’s not until they try on a wedding dress and see themselves in the mirror that they start to get emotional and declare - I Feel Like A Bride.  This is such a special moment.  You’re going to marry the person you love! Really let that sink in, and give yourself time to get excited about your wedding day.


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